The LIGHTHOUSE’s focus is on connecting people to Jesus, connecting believers with other believers, and entering into a real dialog about the love of Jesus Christ with individuals who have questions about why we believe Jesus Christ is the lord and savior of all.

We recognize that as times change new approaches to the idea of “church” are needed to reach a new generation. The LIGHTHOUSE, while resolved to stick to fundamental biblical truths, seeks to reach the new generation with a less traditional church model. We invite you to experience our church, form/strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ, and become part of our LIGHTHOUSE community.

Sunday Gatherings

What’s unique about the LIGHTHOUSE Sunday gathering’s is not that it’s just the time when we worship, but that it’s the time when we build each other up by worshiping God together. We gather to hear the Word, preach the Word, pray the Word, sing the Word, and see the Word in the action. And all of this builds up the church, in love, as we seek to build relationship with God and each other.

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